Lifestyle Photography



A Lifestyle session with When Jenson met Delilah is a delicate blend of documentary photography and traditional portrait photography.


Traditionally, Lifestyle Photography is a style of photography that aims to capture and document real life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. I am not a true lifestyle photographer. Equally, I am not a highly styled portrait photographer. I am happy to blend lifestyle with just a little direction and a few prompts to help accentuate those beautiful moments. I alter the session to suit your needs and let you take the lead. No two sessions are the same for me and that is just the way I like it to be.


Your session should ultimately be all about you and everyone you hold close to your heart. 


Where we go is completely your call. I can come to your home or we can go to your happy place. If you are just not sure, or would you would like my creative opinion  I am happy to guide you in finding that perfect spot.


We can cosy up at home, whether its just the two of you, or the whole tribe. If home is your happy place lets do this. I will send you a small questionnaire to find out a little about you and your home and off we go.

I live and work on one of the most stunning stretches of coast lines IN THE WORLD, so if like me you love the beach. Lets go ! I am not afraid to get in the water so the splashier the better. I can even bring some underwater equipment to add an extra dimension to your session.


Take me on your adventures. Take the lead. If there is connection, love and fun there I am in.




Depending on what kind of session you are having will depend on how we schedule your session.


If we are working in your home, your session can be any time of the day. This is usually ideal for those families with newborn babies or very young children. Don’t discount it for those cosy couple sessions either. Home sessions are beautiful !

If we choose to work outside I will schedule the session within 1.5 hours of sunrise or sunset. Most of the images you see on my website are set around this time. If you are a parent I understand that your main concern will be that sunset is coinciding with dinner time and bed time but… Don’t worry. In my experience the novelty of venturing outside and having really great quality family time usually counteracts the witching hour and it turns out fine. Hey you might even get a lie in.


Choose your session to fit what works best for you. 


By the time it is session day, I will already have a good idea of what you want from your time with me.


I understand that it is hard for most people to just forget the camera is there and to totally relax, so I suggest you make the time before your session count. Don’t rush to your session, arrange something before hand to help you relax. Even if that is something as simple as turning up your favourite music in the car on the way. I want this session to be fun for you.

Your session will be relaxed and I will just go with the flow. I won’t pose you but I will help you feel comfortable and at ease whilst guiding you.

If you feel good, you look good ! 





A $150 session fee is taken upon booking. 

This covers my time before the session, my time during the session and my post production time.

Your session will be between 1- 2 hours long. If I have been booked by you I will never rush a session. These are average times but sometimes especially with newborn babies things run over and that is fine.

This fee covers a consultations which often includes a small questionnaire to help me get to know you better.

This fee includes coverage for up to 6 people. If your family is larger please don’t worry we can chat more about this in your consultation.

It also includes travel around South Brisbane, The Gold Coast, down to Byron in North NSW.


After the session you will receive an online Gallery containing your images. 






Your images can be selected from your online gallery. 

Digital packages are priced below:

10 image MINIMUM digital selection in both High resolution and web sharing size


2o image digital selection in both High resolution and web sharing size


30 image digital selection in both High resolution and web sharing size


ALL  digital images in both High resolution and web sharing size



High quality prints, albums and wall art are also available, any products ordered will automatically include the digital downloads of that image as an add on to the product.



Please contact me directly for any enquiries on Birth, or Fresh 48 sessions. Don’t forget to check out my latest work  for examples of my sessions in full.